Worship Protocols

The Lord calls us to love our neighbor as ourselves. For that reason we wish to resume public worship with a spirit of Christian caution and care. Why? We are our brother’s keeper! Our desire to watch out for each other’s health and well-being is primary. Therefore, we will be implementing the following procedures when we re-open for public worship services. Please review these procedures before worship and do your best to follow them when you come.

When You Arrive

1    Doors will be propped open or manned for entrance and exit. Please proceed immediately to the sanctuary (do not visit in the lobby; you are welcome and encouraged to visit outside after the service). Please observe the 6’ social distancing rule at all times.

2    We will have hand sanitizer available for your use at various places in church.

3    Handshakes are not encouraged at this time.

4    The restrooms will be available for your use; however, we ask that there be only one person in a restroom at a time. Thank you for leaving it clean.

5    The wearing of a mask is encouraged, but not mandatory. Pastor will wear a mask and gloves when distributing the Lord’s Supper (explained more fully below), but not during the worship service itself.  

While at Worship

6    We will sit in alternating pews by individual/couple/family unit. Use the main aisle only and refrain from using the side aisles. Sit in a pew where you find worship folders placed.  Please sit near the end of each pew (closest to the window). The windows will be open to provide more ventilation.

7    Instead of hymnals, the entire service will be printed in a single-use service folder. Take the worship folder with you when you leave or drop it in the recycling box provided.

8    We will make use of an abbreviated liturgy (spoken and sung) with limited hymn-singing.

9    We will not pass an offering plate. Look for the place to leave your offering envelope on entering or exiting. If you’ve begun the practice of electronic giving, you are encouraged to continue it.  

10  The Lord’s Supper will be celebrated on the second and last Sundays of the month at the very end of the service. It will utilize “continuous distribution” by family (no tables), alternating side to side from the front. An usher will give direction and help provide social distancing. The wafer will be dropped into the communicant’s open hand. Each communion tray will contain 8 individual cups of wine, spaced apart from one another. When directed each communicant will take one (disposing of the empty cup in the basket provided on leaving). The pastor will speak, in turn, the words, “The body of our Lord.”  “The blood of our Lord.”  “Depart in peace.” Exit through the emergency door to your right up the three stairs and leave the building. NOTE: This applies only to communion services to keep passing to a minimum.

After Worship

11  On non-communion Sunday, worshipers will be ushered out in reverse order from what we are used to (back to front) to avoid congestion and maintain recommended distancing.

12  Our fellowship time will not be held at the present time.

13  The sanctuary will be cleaned between services with special attention given to touch areas.

In General

14  Those who are sick, or think they may be sick, are asked to stay at home.

15  We encourage those in vulnerable categories to consider staying home as well and make use of online worship opportunities, which can be found at our website.